Timeless design features flared handles which brings easy sophistication to the table. 5.0mm Gauge High Mirror Polish 18/10 Stainless Steel
Code Description
15459 Table Spoon Length: 205mm
15451 Coffee Spoon Length: 110mm
15455 Teaspoon Length: 143mm
15461 Ice Teaspoon Length: 210mm
15454 Soup Spoon Length: 182mm
15453 Dessert Spoon Length: 182mm
15458 Cake Fork Length: 143mm
15452 Dessert Fork Length: 185mm
15460 Table Fork Length: 205mm
15456 Butter Knife Length: 170mm
15493 Standing Steak Knife Length: 242mm
15491 Standing Dessert Knife Length: 218mm
15492 Standing Table Knife Length: 242mm
15471 Dessert Knife Solid Handle Length: 218mm
15472 Table Knife Solid Handle Length: 244mm