Affordable, durable cutlery with brushed finished handles, works in any application. Stainless Steel Brushed Finished Handles Mirror Polished Bowls, Tines and Blades
Code Description
17059 Table Spoon Length: 200mm
17064 Fruit Spoon Length: 137mm
17051 Coffee Spoon Length: 110mm
17055 Teaspoon Length: 132mm
17061 Soda Spoon Length: 192mm
17054 Soup Spoon Length: 180mm
17053 Dessert Spoon Length: 182mm
17062 Oyster Fork Length: 145mm
17063 Fruit Fork Length: 140mm
17058 Cake Fork Length: 140mm
17052 Dessert Fork Length: 182mm
17060 Table Fork Length: 195mm
17071 Dessert Knife Length: 200mm
17072 Table Knife Length: 210mm