Traditional tear drop handles and a mirror finish make this classic flatware that is both stylish and versatile. Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Handles Mirror Polished Bowls, Tines and Blades
Code Description
18159 Table Spoon Length: 192mm
18151 Coffee Spoon Length: 130mm
18155 Teaspoon Length: 142mm
18161 Soda Spoon Length: 194mm
18154 Soup Spoon Length: 175mm
18153 Dessert Spoon Length: 182mm
18162 Oyster Fork Length: 140mm
18158 Cake Fork Length: 150mm
18152 Dessert Fork Length: 185mm
18160 Table Fork Length: 195mm
18173 Steak Knife Length: 225mm
18171 Dessert Knife Length: 205mm
18172 Table Knife Length: 222mm