Enhance table settings with a balanced high grade stainless steel mirror finish flatware. 18/10 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Handles Mirror Polished Bowls, Tines and Blades
Code Description
18259 Table Spoon Length: 194mm
18251 Coffee Spoon Length: 110mm
18255 Teaspoon Length: 136mm
18261 Soda Spoon Length: 199mm
18254 Soup Spoon Length: 176mm
18253 Dessert Spoon Length: 183mm
18258 Cake Fork Length: 147mm
18252 Dessert Fork Length: 190mm
18260 Table Fork Length: 197mm
18273 Steak Knife Length: 218mm
18271 Dessert Knife Length: 206mm
18272 Table Knife Length: 222mm