Elegant and sophisticated flair adds to this gleaming stainless steel flatware with mirror finish. 18/10 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Handles Mirror Polished Bowls, Tines and Blades
Code Description
18879 Serving Spoon Length: 260mm
18877 Serving Fork Length: 246mm
18859 Table Spoon Length: 205mm
18864 Fruit Spoon Length: 135mm
18851 Coffee Spoon Length: 115mm
18855 Teaspoon Length: 142mm
18861 Soda Spoon Length: 200mm
18854 Soup Spoon Length: 170mm
18853 Dessert Spoon Length: 175mm
18863 Fruit Fork Length: 140mm
18858 Cake Fork Length: 135mm
18868 Fish Fork Length: 180mm
18852 Dessert Fork Length: 175mm
18860 Table fork Length: 210mm
18869 Fish Knife Length: 200mm
18881 Dessert Knife - Hollow Handle Length: 210mm
18882 Table Knife - Hollow Handle Length: 237mm
18871 Dessert Knife - Solid Handle Length: 205mm
18872 Table Knife - Solid Handle Length: 235mm