This versatile, timeless pattern is a classic, with a comfortable feel in mirror finish. 18/10 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Handles Mirror Polished Bowls, Tines and Blades
Code Description
10079 Serving Spoon Length: 245mm
10077 Serving Fork Length: 250mm
10059 Table Spoon Length: 205mm
10064 Fruit Spoon Length: 145mm
10051 Coffee Spoon Length: 125mm
10055 Teaspoon Length: 135mm
10061 Soda Spoon Length: 200mm
10053 Dessert Spoon Length: 185mm
10054 Soup Spoon Length: 177mm
10063 Fruit Fork Length: 143mm
10058 Cake fork Length: 155mm
10062 Oyster Fork Length: 140mm
10068 Fish Fork Length: 185mm
10052 Dessert Fork Length: 185mm
10060 Table Fork Length: 212mm
10069 Fish Knife Length: 200mm
10056 Butter Knife - Solid Handle Length: 173mm
10090 Cheese Knife - Solid Handle Length: 200mm
10083 Steak Knife - Hollow Handle Length: 240mm
10081 Dessert Knife - Hollow Handle Length: 210mm
10082 Table Knife - Hollow Handle Length: 245mm
10073 Steak Knife - Solid Handle Length: 240mm
10071 Dessert Knife - Solid Handle Length: 210mm
10072 Table Knife - Solid Handle Length: 240mm